Blood Dps and Gear

December 13, 2009
Hello, I made a dps gear and dps update video. Link to the video is below.

Winter Grasp mining guide

December 2, 2009
Hello, I did some mining in Winter Grasp to show the path that I take while mining and how successful it is. Go ahead and watch the video, link below.

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Arena PvP 2v2

November 13, 2009
Hello, here is a video of my 2v2 team doing arena. Resto Shaman and Blood Dk.

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Arena pvp 3v3

October 26, 2009
Hello, I did some 3v3 and made a 3s team.. This video was taken on the day that I started the 3s team and we pwned! :D

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Ulduar 10 General Vezax

October 19, 2009
Hello, I did General Vezax in Ulduar 10. Here is the video, during the fight my job was to interrupt Searing Flames, a spell that he casts that does AoE damage to the raid. Video link below.

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Hallows End Fast Explanation

October 19, 2009
Confused about Hallows end? Well I have a fast video to help you out, link below.

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Bad OS10+3 Zerg Wipe

October 17, 2009
Went into OS10+3 and after 10wipes... took Sarth to .2%  4k health... and Wipe. Worst wipe ever. Link below

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Trial of the Crusade, Twin Val'kyr tanked

September 27, 2009
Twin Val'kyr in ToC, this is my first attempt at the boss so it probably wont be to helpful but it tells you some of the important things to watch for as a tank and dps as well.

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Baron Rivendare Mount Run

September 14, 2009
Hey. I went and did Stratholme to show you a fast way to get to the boss that drops the mount link below.

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Hello everyone!

September 7, 2009

Hello! My name is Ellvinblade, I am a Death Knight tank and dps. You may have seen some of my videos already in the past. Tyrlan and I are real life friends and want to help you with your world of warcraft gaming. We will be posting videos of guides for Hunter dps, DK dps, or DK tanking. If you have not seen my youtube channel check it out.

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