Hello, I am Ellvinblade I am a Death Knight. My two specs are Blood DPS and Blood Tank. I like Blood dps out of all other dps because it includes a good attack, Heart strike. I stack ARP in blood because specing blood I get a lot of crit and because most of the normal blood attacks are weapon damage so stacking ARP I am able to do really high crits. I enjoy Blood tanking because I can self heal and there is HP+ that i can get from a talent in the talent tree.

DPS SPEC - http://tinyurl.com/Blooddpss

     My Raid experience.

I have completed Naxxramas 10 and 25.

I have completed Obsidian Sanctum 10 and 25 with 3 drakes alive.

I have completed Eye of Eternity 10 and 25.

I have done 12/14 bosses in Ulduar 10.

I have done 9/14 bosses in Ulduar 25.

I have done 5/5 Crusaders Coliseum 10man bosses.

I have done 5/5 Crusaders Coliseum 25man bosses.

I have done 3/5 Grand Coliseum bosses 10/25.

I have done 1/1 Onyxia 10 and 25.

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